My latest novel, Subject 624, came from pretty humble beginnings. It sprang from an writing exercise in which I put advice “start in the middle” to use. What is more in the middle than dropping a reader right in a fight already in progress?

Once I had wrote the scene, I asked myself “who is this kid?” I mean, what type of sixteen-year-old tries to think of a superhero name for himself while fighting multiple, armed punks? The biggest question, in my opinion, was how he came about his enhanced physical abilities. I pondered that for awhile until I came up with the answer…which is one of the main mysteries in the story, so sorry, I can’t tell you.

From there, the world in which Conor Ferguson lives sprang up from nothing. The story built itself once I set the initial cogs in motion. Conor came to life and friends and family popped up around him. There’s always a certain excitment for me when a story comes together. It’s almost like a drug. Endorphins fire in my brain and I have a hard time putting the story down and stepping away even for the most basic things of life…you know, eat, sleep, family. The stories I get excited about consume me and Subject 624 was no different.

I outlined the whole story in a day and spent the next couple months writing it. I originally released it to Wattpad chapter by chapter as I completed them in an effort to grow readership and direct attention to the Gatekeeper Trilogy. The more I spoke to people about the story, the more I realized I should give Subject 624 the treatment it deserved.

When I met Matt Akin at Treasure Valley Comic Con and he agreed to do the cover, it was all over. I had to “officially” release it. I put myself on a pretty tight deadline for revisions and edits to be able to launch it during the Snake River Comic Con in my hometown of Pocatello, but the effort was worth it. I’m really proud of the book. It’s a fun ride for readers.

If you get a chance to read Subject 624, I’d love to know what you think. Leave reviews or drop me a line.

As for me, it’s on to the next book. This one has been just as fun. Stay tuned for the secret project coming next year.

Purchase Subject 624.


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